Unique jewellery made of handcrafted beads and feltballs


Along with my husband, my two sons, my dog and my horse, I live in northern Germany, close to Bremen, in the plains along the river Wümme, where along with my husband I´m engaged in business since 1988.

For twenty years by now, I´ve been doing creative handicraft in my spare time, such as silk painting, working with felt and many other materials. Years ago, while being on vacation on the island of Bornholm, Denmark, which is well-known for its glassblowing artists, I got in touch with glass work for the first time - took part in courses and got fascinated by the options
of this material.

In 2004 I discovered handworked beads. Thereupon I was instantly exited and have been working with the lamp eversince. In order to perfect myself in this technique, I took part in workshops with Corina Tettinger or James Smircich, both of them prominent artists from the US.

The attempt to combine familiar abilities with new skills, then originated the idea of coupling felt balls and beads in uncommon pieces of jewelry.

Rebekka Beads

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