Unique jewellery made of handcrafted beads and feltballs


The following instructions show you how to make your own feltballs.

  1. Separate a piece of about 30 cm length off the combings by easily pulling the fibers apart just at the spot you want to tear (not cut!) your piece off.
  2. Then you pull off a small string of about  1 cm and form a loose knot at one end of it for the beginning of the ball. The loop is to be layed downward over the knot. Wrap your wool lengthwise and crosswise around this center, just as you would wrap a ball of wool.
  3. Remember to wrap tightly in order to get a solid, even ball. This can be done best by wrapping the knot top down with your thumb and forefinger, while keeping the wool tense with your ringfinger and your pinkie.
  4. The more care you spend in wrapping, the better your result will be in the end. If you press the dry ball, you will see the approximate size of your finished felt ball.
  5. Dunk the ball into hot soapsuds of 50° to 60° C (130°F) or as hot as you may dunk your fingers, also. Roll the ball in your palms carefully, using just a little pressure in the beginning, while an increasingly dense surface will form out. Watch out for folds that might occur if the ball hasn´t been wrapped tight enough.
  6. All through the felting process keep dunking the ball into the soapsuds, which will be of consistent temperature if you use a mobile boilerplate, for example. As you feel the ball beginning to get more firmly, you may speed the proceeding by finishing the ball with circuiting movements on the grid mat.

    Tipp: Once you´ve got a little more routine you can finish up to 5 balls at a time on your grid mat.

  7. The finished ball will be compact and firm, and you should rinse it under floating water, roll it in your palms a little, until you finally put the ball on a heater or a window sill for letting it dry. The dry felt ball can be pierced with a darning needle to include it into a bracelet or necklace. If the balls should get dirty once, they can be washed in mild detergent without any problems.

    Tipp: You should clean your grid mat with water every time you start working on different coloured felt balls. Otherwise, fibers of another colour might get mixed in and you won´t be able to remove them, once they got felted in.

"Creative packs" containing all necessary material are now available.

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