Unique jewellery made of handcrafted beads and feltballs

Bead workshop

The art of rolling beads

For your own bead production you need

  • a few square meters of space in a well-ventilated room,
  • a lamp and oxygen either in a gas cylinder or from a concentrator.
  • some small fireproof tools,
  • chromesteel rods (called mandrels),
  • bead release
  • and of course glass rods of various colours.

I do all my beads out of Moretti/Effetre-, Vetrofond- or Lauschaglass.

Rolling beads is traditionell handicraft and not comparable to industrial products on behalf of shine and singularity. Any handmade bead is a unique copy. The monochrome rods come in different sizes from 3 to 10 mm gauge and are about 30 cm long.

  • After coating the mandrel with bead release, you roll the glass (that will have a temperature by 1000 degrees Celsius and a consistancy just like honey) around the mandrel. In order to get the bead nice and circular, now you have to turn, turn, turn ...
  • The next thing you could do is to applicate ornamentations with thin glass threads (called stringer or twister) that I pull out of monochrome or multi-coloured glass. Further layers of coloured glass or gold/silver foil may be attached then, either to be melted down or to remain as dots.
  • Also you have the option to get the beads - as long as they´re hot enough- into any desired form by using metal- or grphite tools. There are almost no limits to your imagination!

A special quality feature of my beads is their durability, that I achieve by tempering the beads. After finishing them at the lamp, the beads get warmed down in a insulating granulate material or in a special oven. This extremely prolonged process enhances the fracture strength, and due to the good retension the beads later on will show no cracks.

Finally the hole in the middle of the bead gets delivered from the bead release. At the end of this tedious procedure, your bead is finished!


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