Unique jewellery made of handcrafted beads and feltballs

Welcome to Rebekka-Beads

On these pages I would like to introduce you to my creative working with glass and felt.

For years, I´ve been fascinated by working on glass, especially since I could take part in a course in glass blowing on Bornholm, Denmark. Then later, when I saw handworked beads for the first time, I was instantly exited.

Glassbeads and feltballs

Meanwhile, I create my own beads with a lot of care and effort, just as the feltballs that I include in my jewelry.

I like to combine these two natural materials, because I regard the contrast between clear, cool glass and matt, warm felt as very individual but yet harmonic.

Uniquely made

As I´m not doing mass production, you will find a limited choice of individual items in my collection.

But just for that reason I´m always open-minded for particular ideas and custom-made manufacturing. So please contact me by e-mail (or otherwise) if you like.

On the following pages I´d like to show you a part of my work so far!

Rebecca Beads

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